How to answer questions in Consultation?

To answer questions in "Consultations", follow the steps below.

Answer questions in "Consultations"

Step 1: Select question category

When you're asked questions in "Consultations" the pending questions are displayed in the "pending" tab.
Click on the "question waiting" button to access it.

Step 2: Select questions

Select the questions you want to answer.

Step 3: Name the consultation

By default, the name of the consultation will be the date of the consultation, but you can modify it in the "Name" field.

Step 4: Start the consultation

Then click on "start a consultation".

Step 5: Launch Screen Recorder

Start screen recording on an external tool like OBS.

Step 6: Start the consultation

Click on the "start" button.

Step 7: Answer questions

Deal with the questions one by one by clicking on the "Complete this question and go to the next one" button after you respond to a question.
Note, if you wish to stop a consultation before having answered all the questions, click on "stop this consultation here".

Step 8: Complete the consultation

At the last question, click on the "stop" button.

Step 9: Stop screen recording

Stop recording your screen and find the video file.
Step 10: Upload the video
Click "upload my video now".
Note, if you don't want to upload your video directly, you can click on the other button and follow the rest of this tutorial later.

Step 11: Upload Video 2

Upload your consultation video directly to SchoolMaker or to another hosting platform such as Youtube by indicating the video ID on SchoolMaker.

Step 12: Add a description to the consultation

In the "Description" field, you can add comments about the consultation.

Step 13: Add Buffers

If there are a few seconds or minutes of latency before you answer questions in your video, indicate how long the delay is in the "buffer" field (in seconds).
For example, if I let my recording run for 2 min before starting to answer the questions, I will indicate "120" in the "buffer" field.

Step 14: Save

Save your configuration.
Your consultation is now online.

If you want to modify elements, you can find them in the "Archives" tab.

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