How do I create and configure a milestone step ?

Check out this article to understand how to create a milestone and how to set up it.

How do I create and configure a milestone step?

Part 1: What is a milestone step ?

A milestone is a type of step that allows you to ask your members to validate their achievements.
For example, if the member reaches the end of his section this step will allow him to have a validation of his progress in his school.
In addition, with this step you have the option of requesting proof of your member's knowledge and application of knowledge to verify their real progress.

Part 2: Configure the specific fields of this step

Step 1: Check the "ask for proof" button if you want proof of achievement to be requested from members. It will be for them to attach a file as proof.
Step 2: Check the "trigger a testimonial" button if you want members to be asked to leave a testimonial when they validate the success step.

Step 3: If you checked the "trigger a testimonial" button, indicate in the "text to display when this step is completed" field the message you want to appear when your members have the opportunity to leave their testimonial.

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